It is important to provide accurate information when requesting quotations/purchasing u-bolts. Incorrect measurement in some cases can highly inconvenience you.

Chui Auto Springs recommends that you follow the below guidelines when trying to measure u-bolts.

The measurement of a U-Bolt can be classified into 2 steps.

  1. Describe the shape of the U-Bolt.
  2. Measurements of the U-Bolt.

Step 1 : What does the U-Bolt look like?

Please observe the u-bolt, it should have one of the below shapes. Share with Chui Auto Springs the shape of the U-Bolt.

U-bolt types

Step 2: Measuring the U-Bolt.

Most u-bolts are measured in the procedure described below. Chui Auto Springs requires three main measurements to ensure accuracy when identifying a required u-bolt. The common length of threads (threading length) is approximately 3 inches long, hence we may only require that in exceptional scenarios.

A. Diameter

B. Width (Inside Width)

C. Length

Carefully study the below image to accurately understand the measurement points required.

The results of the measurements are presented as A(Shaft Diameter) X B (Inside Width) X (Length).